“I’ve always been a little wary of PR agencies. Too often the sales pitch is delivered passionately by individuals who disappear once the account has been awarded. Similarly, there is no shortage of ‘understandable’ excuses as to why interviews didn’t happen or articles were not published. The ball was too round, the grass was too green.

“Our experience with Century PR has completely changed my view. They are nothing short of outstanding and have been so since our first meeting. Their level of professionalism stretches across every aspect of their work, from their drafting their weekly status updates, to their proactive management of our entire PR activity. Their network of contacts is equally impressive, as is their discipline to stick to the structure and the healthy habits throughout the life of a relationship, rather than just the first few weeks.

“Anybody can do something difficult for a short time. With Century, it is clearly a part of the fabric of how they work, which demonstrates an entirely different level of maturity and capability.

“Century have also demonstrated a willingness and aptitude to operate at a strategic level as well as at the grass-roots. I have no doubt that this will serve us well as we continue to grow over the coming years.

“In summary, I am delighted with the impact that Century have made on our business. It has been measureable, consistent and utterly professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Century to anybody except our competitors!”

Stuart Miller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, ByBox Holdings